Chengyin Liu

Building software for people.


Engineer @ Airbnb
Developing Airbnb iOS app for hosts.
Engineer @ Place / Backplane
Lead the frontend development. Stack: React, Babel, Webpack.
Intern @ WePay
Designed and implemented a store that is embeddable in any page, which made to the TechCrunch and drew 300 new sellers for WePay on the launch day alone.
Intern @ Wandoujia
Built a dashboard using HTML, CSS and JavaScript as the front-end developer for Wandoujia, the missing managing software for Android phones.

Personal Projects

Bamboo App and Extension
Save and share web highlights through Bamboo's iOS App, Chrome extension and Safari extension.
WhatFont App
Same WhatFont experience, now available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
The easiest way to inspect fonts on webpages. Serving 600,000+ users weekly.

Archived Projects

Create a color pallete from an image in JavaScript. Inspired by iTunes 11's album view.
Earth Pulse
Track earthquakes with social media.
UIUC CS 473 Grader Helper
A Python script to help CS 473 UIUC grader smoothen the grading process by auto handling homework files.
UIUC Course Open API
Provide an open API for UIUC hackers as an infrastructure to build UIUC hacks.
Innovation Works Website
Built the official website for the most important Chinese tech incubator.